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At My French Chair, we are skilled artisans, creative designers, and ambitious decorators. But just as you are more than the owner of some furniture, we are more than just upholsterers. Your home breathes and speaks. We are dedicated to listening to you and your home to help reveal the soul of the furniture you already own. Our lead furniture specialist spent decades designing for the Metropolitan Opera to help tell rich, vivid stories. Part of the magic on stage was the music made by amazingly talented artists and musicians. But just as important was the drama conveyed by the sets, costumes, and props, as well as the energy of the audience members. We work with you to bring your furniture to life. Tell your story.

We use dangerously sharp tools.

And some of them are rusty.

Maybe it all boils down to talent, experience, and skill.

We think there is a lot more to crafting amazing furniture but, just in case, we’ve got a crew of dedicated, energetic master craftspeople eager to give wings to your decor. That said, what makes our team special is not that they have dangerously sharp tools and know how to use them, but that they have a treacherously refined sense of grace and style that travels from playful to sublime in a single heavy heartbeat. We love what we do until it loves us back. And you will love it, too.

Your furniture should fit your life.

And your butt, too.

We don’t just make your furniture prettier. Though we do that.

We make your furniture fit better into your way of living. Yes, the right fabric is comfortable and durable for its purpose and luxurious in its setting, but fit goes further. Fit is about you, not our fancy stitchwork or plush materials. Your furniture should welcome you home. Sure, your seating should be kind to your derrière, but it should also delight your eyes and enchant your heart. You should melt into your couch like brie and butter on a freshly baked baguette. That is fit. Fit for you.

Pieds de danseurs moches, moches.

Parlez-vous français?

We love beautiful things.

We love some ugly things, too. Termites-on-an-opossum ugly. Pieds de danseurs moches, moches. But, all things considered, we probably love beautiful things on a more regular basis, and we love seeing beauty reborn. That’s our mission, what we strive to accomplish each and every day. Artistry, creativity, and technical mastery are critical to that mission and infused in our DNA, but reawakening the shapely, supple beauty of a piece of furniture renews us, too. So are you ready to make something magnificent even better? We are.

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